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Develop 8 core business insights in 1 hour. Dive into case studies, expand your network and skill up.
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Become smarter in just 1 hour.

  • Key finance and strategy principles
  • Brand & pricing overview
  • A mini marketing case
  • Communication exercise

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We designed this workshop to give you a preview of our flagship program: the 2-month Business Intensive. Experience a flipped classroom and active learning:

Relevant, Up-To-Date Information

Hands-On Projects That Reinforce Key Concepts


Expert Instructors + Smart Peers


Professional Models + Templates



We interviewed thousands of top business leaders, over several years, to build this curriculum:

Andrew Yang

2020 Presidential Candidate

Alana Mayo

Outliers Society Head of Production

Howard Morgan

First Round Capital cofounder

Sallie Krawchek

Ellevest cofounder

Trevor Blackwell

Y Combinator cofounder

Mike Maples Jr

Floodgate Partner

Aaron Bay Schuck

Warner Bros Records CEO

Arlan Hamilton

Backstage Capital founder

Lo Bosworth

Love Wellness founder

Graham Stanton

Peloton cofounder

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