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Member Feature: Pat Timmons, Author & Social Media at Drift

By: brunchwork

Member Feature: Pat Timmons, Author & Social Media at Drift

Here at brunchwork, we love showcasing our members!

Meet Pat Timmons, a social media manager at Drift and new author. Pat wrote a book titled, Feel Something: How to Use Empathy Marketing to Build Trust with Your Community, which comes out in August 2021. 

Here is what Pat had to say about brunchwork and our Business Intensive.

1) Why did you join the Business Intensive?

To build a network of lifelong learners and understand business on a holistic level.

2) What was your favorite part of the Intensive?

The collaborative nature of the sessions. Because of the collaboration, we all felt comfortable sharing and critiquing our ideas with one another.

3) What made you decide to write a book?

At the onset of the pandemic, I started a new role as a full time social media professional. Literally the week we got sent to work from home. I knew that people did not need to feel sold to, they needed to feel stability, trust, and most importantly heard. They needed to Feel Something. My natural sense of empathy allowed me to do so. I noticed others were using an empathy first strategy as well and wanted to write about it. So, here I am.

4) What was the process of writing a book like?

Writing a book is pleasant when you are on time and horrifying when you are not. There are always ways to catch up though. The best benefit is that writing forces you to relive moments in your life and process them with multiple lenses. Writing a book is for you but it is also for the world so it is about finding the perfect balance between both. 

5) What is Empathy Marketing?

Empathy Marketing actively and proactively understands the emotions of your audience to build trust with them in a valuable way. Want to know more about Empathy Marketing? Text Pat about it!

6) How has brunchwork been useful for your latest job/career opportunity?

brunchwork has taught me to treat this book as an entrepreneurial endeavor. To understand the stakeholders, how to talk to them, and how to sell this thing. I am so grateful.

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