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Member Feature: Will Horyn, Corporate Development at Cisco

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Member Feature: Will Horyn, Corporate Development at Cisco

Here at brunchwork, we love showcasing our members!

Meet Will Horyn. Originally from Nantucket Island, MA, Will graduated from Villanova, then moved to NYC to work as an investment banker at BMO Capital Markets in the Leveraged Finance group. After five years in this role, Will recently accepted a job in the Bay Area, on the corporate development team at Cisco Systems. There, he’ll focus on M&A, VC investing, and corporate strategy in the tech sector. Will has been a brunchwork member since January 2020.

Why did you join brunchwork?

Because of the access to outstanding presenters as well as the opportunity to build my network within the tech community.

What’s your favorite part about brunchwork?

The opportunity to hear candid thoughts from leaders in the tech community—both on the operating and investing side—and ask questions directly is rare and unique to brunchwork. The group breakouts and pitching are a lot of fun as well!

Any favorite recent events? 

I really enjoyed the brunchwork featuring Ryan Graciano (CTO & Cofounder at Credit Karma) and Rebecca Henderson (HBS professor and author of Reimagining Capitalism). I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition of a massive success story built in the existing capitalist system alongside a thought leader offering solutions to improve the system.

Your ask to the brunchwork community:

I’d love to continue connecting with members of the brunchwork community both during and outside of events. It’s something many members are open to, and I hope it continues. (Fun fact: I actually landed my new job because it was passed my way by a connection I made at brunchwork!)

Your give:

I hope to be an active contributor during events and will continue to make myself available if anyone wants to connect!

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