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Startup Branding: 4 Essential Strategies

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Startup Branding: 4 Essential Strategies

To drive traffic and achieve conversions, marketers and entrepreneurs must carefully optimize each facet of their online brand. Here are 4 strategies:

1) Be clear about what you stand for
and what customers expect. Consumers gravitate to brands that are transparent about their value proposition and mission. Trader Joe’s and Amazon customers are extremely loyal for just that reason.

➡️ Hone your value proposition with this workbook and corresponding Value Proposition Canvas.

➡️ When launching a website, use a TrueName domain name to directly communicate who you are and what you do. Move beyond a “.com” with a TrueName domain like “.studio” or “.live” or “.expert.”

There are hundreds of options that are highly relevant for any business category or individual!

➡️ Showcase real customer success stories and reviews.

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2) Deliver a consistent message and experience across all channels. Your brand should permeate to your product, visual aesthetics, customer experience, messaging, processes, and more.

Consistency is key. Develop a strong brand your customers trust and feel good about. Don’t forget about your employees and stakeholders too! They should experience the same brand.

➡️ Read case studies of how sweetgreen, Allbirds, and more extended their brand strategy across every consumer touchpoint.

3) Put the “remark” in remarkable. Say or do something unique and different. If you expect customers to talk about your product or recommend it to others, either the product or the way you market it needs to be remarkable.

➡️ Stand up for a cause that aligns with your business. Patagonia is one of the masters of this strategy, building their entire brand around environmental advocacy.

➡️ Leverage a TrueName domain name to reveal your brand identity in a unique and novel way.

A real-world example: Interactive learning company Wonderland Math recently rebranded and uses the domain name to reinforce that they offer live learning activities with teachers.

4) Evolve your brand. Branding is an ongoing, long-term project. If you want to survive, you need to evolve your brand to align with the latest social and cultural shifts. Better yet – stay one step ahead.

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